A global company of irrigation technology based in Israel. The company provides services and training to farmers and agriculture companies around the world. 

The company provides irrigation technologies for the betterment of grapevines in a commercial crop of cabernet sauvignon grapes in the settlement of Dolev. The project is part of an agricultural experiment of the research and development institute in the Jordan Valley. Following this project, Netafim participated in a conference about growing grapevines in the mountain area that took place in the University of Ariel settlement in 2016.  

Netafim developed and provides irrigation technologies for watermelon crops in the settlement of Kalia. Kalia cultivates approximately 1500 dunam of watermelon and controls some 15% of the seedless watermelon market in Israel.

Netafim provides products and develops irrigation technologies for researching the best irrigation method for growing Mejdool dates in the Jordan Valley, taking place in the settlement of Gilgal

The company provides irrigation technologies and services to the settlements' regional council of Mount Hebron and the settlement of Maskiot