Naska Industries - SK Groupנסקא תעשיות – אס. קיי. גרופ

Head office: 64 Sderot Bialik Ramat Hasharon 47205 Israel Tel.: +972-37606000

A private Israeli defense technology holding company that provides small arm systems, electro-optic and laser solutions, imaging systems and naval solutions.

Member companies of the SK Group are regular providers to the Israeli military, police and prison service. The close relationship with the Israeli army enables member companies to market their products as battle-proven. According to the CEO of Israel Weapon Industries (IWI), a wholly owned subsidiary of SK Group, “Ninety-five percent of our sales are around the world, and our number one promoter is without doubt the IDF [sic].”

Weapons and other equipment developed by SK Group members were used by the Israeli army during Israel’s 2014 military assault on the besieged Gaza.

IWI weapons used include the Negev 7.62 light machine gun, which first became operational during the 2014 military assault and was used by several Special Forces units of the Israeli army, and the Tavor X95 assault rifle, developed by IWI in collaboration with the Israeli army. The Tavor X95 has since become the Israeli army’s standard rifle, replacing the US-made M-4 rifle. All infantry units and Special Forces use the Tavor.

The XAVER system, a tactical through-the-wall-imaging system developed by SK Group member Camero-Tech, was also used by the Israeli army during the attacks.

Additionally, Israeli snipers used day/night sights manufactured by Meprolight, another SK Group subsidiary. Meprolight is a regular provider of the Israeli army, police and prison service. According to its website, the company is “considered the IDF’s [sic] development workshop for a wide variety of products and applications. Many new products are developed together with them and immediately proven in tactical situations.” In 2016, Meprolight won an open tender to supply thousands of reflex sights to the Israeli army.

Moreover, company subsidiary Israel Shipyards supplied the Israeli navy with SAAR 4.5 fast-attack vessel during the 2014 assault.


Privately held by Samy and Haya Katzav.


Members of the SK Group: Israel Weapon Industries (IWI), Israel Shipyards ltd, Meprolight, Camero-Tech, and Oshira Ltd.

The company also holds a 50% stake in VisionMap, a manufacturer of military and commercial airborne imaging systems. The remaining 50% are held by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.


Clients include the Israeli military, police and prison service, as well as government bodies, law enforcement agencies and civilians worldwide.

Meprolight has a Technical Assistance Agreement with US-based Harris Corporation.

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