NaanDan Jain Irrigationנען דן ג'יין השקייה

D.N. Eylon, Kibbutz Na'an, 76829 Tel: +972- 8-9442119

The company is a global producer and provider of irrigation solutions.

The company operates marketers in the occupied Golan Heights, the Jordan Valley and the Negev.

The company operated an organic plantation in the settlement of Tomer in the occupied West Bank and provided irrigation services to the settlements of Carmel, Ma’on and Yatir in Mount Hebron. In addition, the company operated a vineyard in the settlement of Ein Zivan located in the occupied Syrian Golan.


The company is owned by JAIN (ISRAEL) B.V (94%) and JAIN OVERSEAS B.V (6%), both of which are owned by the Indian company Jain Irrigation Systems.



The company owns nine subsidiaries, five international manufacturing plants, and is active through a multinational network of sales representatives.


The company has local distributers in 50 countries world wide.

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