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Motorola Solutions is the mother company of Motorola Solutions Israel.

Motorola solutions Israel is involved in the Israeli occupation for over a decade in providing systems and services to the Israeli Ministry of Defense, the Israeli army and Israeli settlements in occupied territory.

MotoEagle Wide Area Surveillance System (WASS) in settlements and in the Separation Wall

Motorola Solutions Israel has been providing the Israeli Ministry of Defense with a Wide Area Surveillance System (WASS), known as MotoEagle since 2005 in a NIS 400 million ($93 million) project. The system is used in Israeli settlements in the West Bank and in the separation wall apparatus.

According to news reports, the radar detectors’ system has been installed in some 20-47 Israeli settlements deep inside Palestinian territory in the West Bank. Currently, the system is installed in at least 25 settlements, including Hebron, Karmei Tzur, Bracha, Tko’a, Otniel, Beit Hagai, Eli, Rehelim, Kfar Tapuach, Mechora, Elon More, Talmon and Shilo.

The system is also installed in several outposts in the West Bank including Hayovel and Nof Harim in the settlement of Eli; Horsha in Talmon; Amona in Ofra; the Ulpana Hill in Beit El and Tqo’a B and C; Derech Ha’avot in Elazar; Rachelim; Shde Bar in Nokdim and Tzur Shalem in Kermei Tzur. In some cases, the radar stations were erected on private Palestinian land, preventing Palestinian movement.

The system is also used in the Separation Wall complex, in the wall around Gaza, and in military bases. The company provides continuous service to these systems and continues to offer them for use in Israeli installations in the occupied territory.

The system includes radars and cameras to detect human movement outside the settlements, and it is based on radars provided by ICx Radar Systems (On October 2010, ICx was purchased by FLIR).

Motorola Solutions Israel is the leading Israeli company in developing and manufacturing a wide range of electronic fuzes for aircraft bombs and guided munitions. The company provides these fuzes to the Israeli Airforce and for major Israeli defense industries like IAI, IMI and Rafael for a wide range of projects.

The Government Electronics Department (GED) of the company, which was responsible for military technologies in Motorola Solutions Israel and produced electronic bomb fuses for the Israeli Army, was sold to Aeronautics Defense Systems in April 2009.

Communication systems and a cellular network for the Israeli Army 

Motorola Solutions Israel had developed the “Mountain Rose” (Vered Harim) advanced cell phone communications system for the Israeli Army in a $90-million contract. “Mountain Rose” was a specifically designed mobile system for field conditions, which was used by Israeli soldiers in the occupied West Bank.

In recent years, the company had developed a new cell phone communication system, known as “the son of the king” (Ben Hamelech), which includes encrypted wireless communication featuring vehicle-mounted antenna.

In January 2014, the Israeli Ministry of Defense signed a USD 100 million, 15-year contract with Motorola Solutions Israel to supply the Israeli army and other security forces with encrypted smartphones. Motorola Solutions won the contract without a tender. The devices offer encrypted calls, emails, the ability to send and receive digital media and navigation capabilities. The encrypted devices will enable military use in the occupied territory and other remote areas. The new cellphones will replace the veteran ‘Mountain Rose’ mobile system, which will continue to serve the Israeli army until 2018.

The encrypted cell phones system will be working on a network infrastructure in LTE technology provided by Motorola solutions Israel, which will also be used by the Israeli intelligence and the Israeli Navy.

USD 50 million of the new smartphone system program will be funded using USAID, which will cover the cost of adaptation, development, and production of the devices for the Israeli army, by Motorola Solutions. The other half of the program will be funded from the Israeli defense budget, primarily covering maintenance of the system by Motorola Solutions Israel.

The smartphone system’s encryption will be developed jointly by Lotam – the Israeli army’s telecom unit and Motorola Israel.

Communication systems to the Israeli Police

The company provided Israel Police with the Astro25 communication system. Israel Police special patrol unit uses this system during its operations in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The radio system of Motorola had been documented in 21 February 2013, as being used by Yasam officers (a special patrol unit of the Israeli police, used to disperse demonstrations) who arrested Palestinian protestors in Bab Al-Shams in the area of E1.

Motorola Israel had also established a wireless network for the Israeli Police, after winning a tender in which she was the only contender. According to the Israeli media, the Israeli police has been gradually transferring its communication network activity to the new Motorola network since 2010. The Police acquired communication equipment in NIS 400 million and communicators in NIS 200-300 million.

Systems and services to settlements

Motorola solutions Israel provided the regional council of Gush Eztion with communication systems for the settlements’ security, to which it provides maintenance services.

In 2016, the local council of Efrat settlement had allocated NIS 170 thousands for acquiring radio systems for the Crimson squad of the settlement, which is comprised of settlers and receive support from the Israeli Army.

Motorola provides radio systems to crimson squads in West Bank settlements, including Beitar Illit settlement.

Motorola Solutions Israel provided the municipality of Ariel settlement with Irrinet, its automatic irrigation system.


Motorola solution has provided the IPS with services and systems in the amount of some NIS 377 million in 2015.

The company also provided systems and services to the IPS in some NIS 3 million in 2016, including systems for the Ofer prison in the West Bank.

Israel Railways

In February 2012, Israel Railways awarded a tender for the installation of Internet access on 630 carriages and all train stations to Motorola Solutions Israel.  The contract includes the A1 fast train line from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which is currently under construction.

The A1 route crosses the Green Line international border in two areas into the occupied West Bank. In some parts the route passes through privately owned Palestinian lands. Any use of occupied Palestinian land and resources for an exclusively Israeli transportation project is illegal by international law.


Chairman and CEO: Gregory Q. Brown


Motorola Solutions Israel is a full subsidiary of Motorola Solutions.

In the financial records of Motorola Solutions, Motorola Solutions Israel is not registered as a direct subsidiary of the mother company; it is owned by the mother company via its fully owned subsidiary Motorola Solutions UK.

Additional subsidiaries:

Austria – Motorola Solutions Austria GmbH, TETRON Sicherheitsnetz Einrichtungs- und Betriebs gmbH; Belgium – Motorola Solutions Belgium SA; Czech Republic – Motorola Solutions Czech Republic s.r.o.; Denmark – Motorola Solutions Danmark A/S, Dansk Beredsskabskommunikation A/S; France – Motorola Solutions France SAS; Germany – Motorola Solutions Germany GmbH, Motorola Solutions Logistics Germany GmbH; Greece – Motorola Solutions Hellas A.E.; Italy – Motorola Solutions Italia S.r.l.; Netherlands – Motorola Solutions Netherlands B.V.; Norway – Motorola Solutions Norway AS; Motorola Solutions UK Limited Branch Office; Poland       Motorola Solutions Polska Sp.z.o.o., Motorola Solutions Systems Polska Sp.z.o.o; Portugal – Motorola Solutions Portugal, Lda; Romania – Motorola Solutions Romania S.R.L.; Spain – Motorola Solutions España S.A.; Sweden – Motorola Solutions Sweden AB; Switzerland – Motorola Solutions Switzerland Limited; United Kingdom – Motorola Solutions UK Limited, Motorola Solutions Services Limited, Airwave Solutions Limited, Airwave Application Services Limited.

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