Moked Mataraמוקד מטרה

Alexander Yanai 26, Petach tikva, 49277 Tel: 03-9313193

A private security company.

Moked Matara provides securiy services and routine safeguarding of the Oranit settlement.  The company also provides security services to educational institutions in the settlements of Beit Arye and Ofarim.

The company indicates it provides vehicles and armed security personnel for armored escort of explosives and other materials in the oPt.

The company states that it provides security services to education institutions all over Israel and the West Bank as it won the tender of the society for economy in the Israeli government (Hachevra lemeshek vekalkala).

The company also states it has “an occupational permit to work in the Judea and Samaria area as a suplier of the Ministry of Defense and its field of responsibility for securing sensitive security sites in the territories and security escorts in armored vehicles.” 


The company is owned by Adi Rabinovitch Baharav.


The company fully owns and operates “Ze’ev Levanon project management”, a subsidiary company which supervises mines clearing.



The company operates a special agriculture security unit and one of its clients is Mehadrin.

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