Meytag High Tech Venturesמיט"ג היי-טק ונצ'רס

POB 12 Katzrin Industrial Zone, Katzrin 12900 Tel: +972-4-6962561

Technology accelerator incubator, mainly for the bio-medical industry.

The company is located in Katzrin, an Israeli settlement in the occupied Golan Heights.


80% of the company is owned by Capital Point Investment (a public company, traded in TASE). The remaining shares are held by the Association for Industrialization and Development of the Golan – an Israeli non-governmental organization, dedicated to the establishment and expansion of Israeli colonization in the Golan. 

Chairman of the Board: Yossi Tamar. 


Some of the seed companies: AIC, Arch Medical Devices, Deliverance, Forconti Medical, Inmotion, Lithotech, LRS Ortho, Mellitor, Niti, NovoSurge, Odem Medical, Spinal Balloon, Biocep, BioMor, Coeruleus, Dermipsor, Mitam, Natratec, AquaSpark, Genesis, Lextran, Newton Propulsion Technology, Kadoor, RXDrugOn, Saferpoint, Silvi Industries, TCView, Wi-Fun and Wizbill.

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