Egged Bus in Gilo settlement in Occupied East Jerusalem | June 2009 | Photographed by Anne Kennedy

Manufacturer of buses.

Merkavim has developed and manufactured two different bus models: the Mars Defender and the Mars. The Mars Defender is a specifically designed armored bus. It serves to transport settlers, soldiers and Israeli citizens (that live inside Israel) in the occupied Palestinian Territories. It was develop in collaboration with the IDF and the Israeli security ministry. 

45 buses from this model constitute Egged's armored buses fleet, which serves the settlements in the regional councils of Shomron, Gush Etzion, Mateh Binyaimn and Har Hebron.

The Mars model was designed as high security bus for prisoners transport. It was developed by the company for the Israeli prison authorities. These buses are used by the Israeli prison service to transport Palestinian prisoners inside the OPT and from the West Bank to Israel.