Oron groupקבוצת אורון

Head Office: 4 Yehuda Hanachtom St., Beer Sheva 8424902 Tel: +972- 8-6295000 www.oron-group.co.il

The company is active in the field of civil engineering and development. The Group manages several companies and subsidiaries in the field of civil engineering, industry, infrastructure, development and contracting.

The company operates the Meitarim Quarry, located in the occupied West Bank, next to the settlement of Teneh Omarim. In 2016, the company established an asphalt factory near the quarry.

The company is involved in the construction of 40 housing units in the settlement of Eshkolot, located in the West Bank. The company is also involved in conducting engineer work for Maaleh Adumim shopping center.


Yoel Azaria (37%), Gil Azaria (37%), Meitav Dash (14.99%)

Chairman: Yoel Azaria

CEO: Gil Azaria and Yoel Azaria


Arazim (G.I.A) Ltd (80%); Gili and Yoel Azaria Ltd (100%); Oron Industries 18 (100%); Hamigorim (B.R) Ltd (100%); Shora Ltd (66.67%); Hametoeset Ltd (50.1%); Pamko- Shura Agira Sheuva (50%);  Pamko Engineering Ltd (80%); Pamko Jet Partnership (50%)


Company clients include: IEC, The Dead Sea Preservation Government Company Ltd, Tahal and Israeli Ministry of Defense.

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