Manufactures disposable clothing and clothing accessories, rubber gloves and disposable medical products. The company is located in the Barkan Industrial Zone,  which is settlement Industrial Zone in the occupied West Bank. A subsidiary of the company, Dispo-bud Marketing, is also located in Barkan.

The company has employed Palestinian workers in exploitative conditions and denied them some of their basic social rights. According to Kav LaOved - an Israeli labor rights' watchdog, from 2010 to July 2013, the company was sued by 42 Palestinian workers for the sum of 1,677,652 NIS.

Mega Print CEO - Rafael Levi, openly declared that in order to avoid EU regulation regarding settlements products, the company markets its products abroad through a US-based import company. With regard to EU regulation, Levi stated: "You can always overcome. There are always ways to bypass. It is all lip service. Indeed customs were imposed back in 2005, but they are not enforced".