Medan - Roads and Quarriesמדן – כבישים ומחצבות (1964) בע"מ

Head office: Kibbutz Givat Brenner 60948, Israel Tel.: +972-8-9358004

A private Israeli company active in the fields of quarrying and operates asphalt factories and emulsions. The company is a recognized government contractor.

The company operates an aggregate quarry in the occupied West Bank in accordance with an agreement with the agricultural cooperative society of Beit Haggai settlement, signed in 1991. The 327-dunam quarry is located on the lands of the Palestinian villages of Dura and ad-Dhahiriya,

The quarry produces materials for construction such as pebble stones and rocks, sand, and aggregate.

The company has several factories in the Beit Haggai Quarry premise, including a bitumen      emulsion factory operating since 1999, which provides different kinds of bitumen emulsion and asphalt for roads, construction and the private market.

Medan also operates an asphalt factory in the quarry since 2000. In addition, in 2019 another factory was constructed with the help of the Italian company, Marini, which led to greater asphalt production capabilities for the company.

In 2018, the quarry produced 2.2 million tons of quarried materials annually, of which 1.76 million tons are marketed within the Green Line and the rest are marketed in of the occupied West Bank.

In 2015, the subcommittee for mining and quarrying approved a 100-dunam expansion of the quarry, containing an estimated 12 million tons of aggregate reserves.

In  , a media source indicated that the company pays royalties to Beit Haggai settlement, estimated at over a million NIS a year (comprising roughly 80% of the settlement’s annual budget). The company also pays property taxes to the Mount Hebron regional settlement council, of which Beit Haggai is part.


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Privately owned and managed by Shmuel Mendelevitz.


Shmuel Mendelevitz also owns Medan – General Contracting (Rehovot) Ltd.


Agricultural cooperative society of Beit Haggai settlement, Ashtrom – Dragdos, Marini.

The company has carried out projects for Israel Railways, The Airport Authority and the Israel Land Administration.

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