Marom Tuval – Consulting, Management and Investments LTD
מרום תובל - יעוץ ניהול השקעות בע"מ

3 Shalem St. Ramat Gan, 5221550, Israel Tel: +972-77 4600 788

A civil engineering company that manages railways, road and underground transport infrastructure projects. The company specializes in planning coordination of systems in large and complex national projects throughout Israel.

Marom Tuval is the project manager for two planned sections of the Jerusalem light rail train that crosses the green line into the occupied Palestinian territory of East Jerusalem, one to the Neve Yaakov settlement neighborhood and one to Mt. Scopus. In the Red Line extension of the light trail to Neve Yaakov, the company is responsible for managing 2km of rail, infrastructure, supporting walls and roads to receive the light rail, from the planning phase to full execution. The project includes managing infrastructure coordination and coordinating with all infrastructure entities in Jerusalem. In the light rail’s Mt. Scopus extension, Marom Tuval manages the planning and full execution of 2km of rail, infrastructure, supporting walls and roads to receive the light rail.

In addition to its involvement in the Jerusalem light rail, Marom Tuval coordinates the infrastructure systems in the extension project of the Tzahal Tunnel in the Old City in East Jerusalem.


Director and Owner: Meir Sabag



Marom Tuval’s clients include major governmental and municipal entities such as Israel Railways, the Israeli National Roads Authority and the Moriah Jerusalem Development Company, as well as large private clients such as Ashtrom.

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