Manan's sites at Ben Gurion Airport | Ben Gurion Airport | Dec 2011 | Photographed by Esti TzalManan sites at Ben Gurion Airport | Ben Gurion Airport | Dec 2011 | Photographed by Esti Tzal

A provider of logistics and aviation services. The group’s subsidiaries supply management and operation services to cargo terminals in Israel, including logistics services, storage, distribution, bonded warehousing services and international delivery. 

The group operates a cargo terminal at Ben Gurion airport, which provides storage, import and export services, and handles hazardous and climate-controlled materials. The terminal processes approximately 70% of all the cargo that passes through Ben Gurion Airport, estimated at 300,000 tons of cargo annually. 

Through its subsidiary, Logisticare, the group operates storage sites at the Lod industrial zone, "Airport City", Kadima, and in close proximity to the Ashdod and Eilat harbors.

Maman's predominance in the cargo services field, especially its terminal at Ben Gurion Airport, makes it a major beneficiary from the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories and from the joint custom envelope - designed in the Oslo Accords. 'Quality and Security reasons' in conjunction with economic and political justifications create a Palestinian captive market for Israeli and multinational companies.

Each shipment to the OPT is delayed for security inspection for a period ranging from several days to several weeks, even in cases in which a license has been obtained and the shipment passed security at a European airport. During the waiting period the goods are usually stored in warehouses inside the terminal or in close proximity to it.  The costs of the security checks, logistics and storage, performed by private Israeli companies, among them Maman is central a player, are paid by Palestinian manufacturers and importers. No other alternative for the import of certain goods and raw materials are available to the Palestinian population.

The company provides archive services through its subsidiaries Archive 2000, Archive Jerusalem and PSBedi-Maman. Archive 2000 and Archive Jerusalem operate an archiving facility in Ma'ale Adumim settlement Industrial Zone.  

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