Malam Teamמלם תים

7 Martin Gehl Street, Petah Tikva, Israel; Tel: +972-3-927-8444

An Israeli IT service group, providing a wide range of solutions in the field of information and technology.

Malam Systems runs an offshoring IT service project called “Ma’alot” in Beitar Illit settlement, occupied West Bank.

The company’s fully owned subsidiary Eltel, has been contracted by the Israeli Military of Defense to maintain and operate an interrogation center and training grounds for ground forces.

Israeli military units and the police can train with live ammunition in Eltel training grounds. The company also delivers simulation services, where specific locations are reconstructed for the purpose of military training.  In addition, the company operates a hi-tech training center for military commanders.

Eltel provides installation and maintenance services to scanners installed at commercial and civil checkpoints in the occupied West Bank and besieged Gaza.



Arad Investment & Industrial Development ltd (55.47%), Shlomo Eisenberg (14.48%), Institutional Investors (6.6%) and floating shares (23.45%).


Fully owned subsidiaries: Team Netcom, Eltal Technologists, Malam Systems, MKiT Systems, Comtec, KCS Knowledge Management, TEI the Communication Experts, Netcom Systems Inc., Team Software, Malam Team Transport, Malam Pension Fund, Martinez Hoffman Computer Service, Malam Rent, Benoam Technologies, EU T.I.E Limited, Malam Fund Management.

Other subsidiaries: Most Technologies Software (66.7%) and Etyp (51%).


The company has a wide range of corporate partners including: HP Enterprise, Cisco, IBM, DellEmc,  Lenovo, Intel, Microsoft, VMware, Check Point, Symantec, Fireglass, Atodesk, McAfee, TrapX, Veeam, AVAYA, Lexmark, Quantum, CITRIX, InfoBuild.

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