Magna B.S.Pמגנ"א בי.אס.פי

Head office: Rotem Industrial Park, D.N Arava 86800, Israel Tel: +972-8-6552668

A private Israeli company specializing in surveillance systems operated with cameras, electro-optic radars and thermal imaging technology.

The company provides services for the Israeli ministry of Defense (IMOD), Israeli military, Israeli Prison Service (IPS) and the Israeli Police.

The company has provided its services to the Israeli military for its military bases, border security, and the Separation Wall. According to the company’s website, the “Israeli military turned to Magna [to] implement solutions to safeguard sections of the nation’s northern and southern borders as well as areas of the Green Line.”

In 2014, the IMOD purchased several “Magna” Detection Systems, manufactured by the company, which were deployed throughout the barrier Israel built along its border with Egypt, between 2010-2013.

The Magna System is being used by the Israeli military in operational activity of the “Gaza Division”, operating in Gaza, in securing mobile military forces and military outposts.

The system was also in use in experiments carried out by Israel in Gaza and on the northern border.

The company received official approval from the Israeli military to use video analytics in its intrusion detection systems, installed along all Israeli borders.

The company’s Perimeter Protection System was installed in the Old City in occupied East Jerusalem.

Services to Israeli Prison Service (IPS) 

In 2020, the company’s “Magna” Detection System was installed as part of a pilot in “Ketziot” prison, an Israeli detention facility, located in the Naqab, where Palestinian administrative detainees are also incarcerated.

In 2017, the company was contracted by the IPS to be the sole supplier, exempted from tender, for the installment and maintenance services of Thermal Detection System in Nafkha prison, an Israeli imprisonment facility located within the Green Line, where Palestinian political prisoners are incarcerated.

In 2018, the company was contracted again as a sole supplier, to provide maintenance services for Thermal Detection System in Nafkha prison, for NIS 62,000.


In February 2015, in an official letter to Who Profits, Magna’s administration stated: “The MAGNA Company is proud to supply surveillance and protection technology to the Israeli Defense Forces in order to protect our innocent citizens from terrorist attacks”.


Major shareholders include: Magna H.L. Ltd. (45.4%), the Phoenix Insurance Company (19.3%), Aeronautics (14.4%), Psagot Investment House (12.3%), Rotem Ventures Incubator (6.3%), Shirat Initiation Ltd. (2.8%).

CEO: Haim Siboni.


Magna BSP holds 11.12% stake in Foresight Autonomous Holdings Ltd., a publicly traded Israeli technology company listed on Nasdaq and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol FRSX.

Foresight subsidiaries include: Foresight Automotive Ltd. and Foresight Automotive Ltd. (Israel) (for both Haim Siboni also holds the position of CEO).


Clients: Israel Airports Authority, Israeli military, IMOD, IPS, Israel Police, John Cockerill (Belgium), Marina Bay Sands (Singapore), Israel Chemicals (ICL Group), TAR Ideal Concepts (Avnon Group), C. Mer Group, Haifa Port, Ashdod Port.

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