Magal logo on an intrusion detection system installed on a gate in the separation wall | Masha - West Bank | July 2013 | Photographed by Ahmad Al-Bazz, ActivestillsA gate in the separation wall equipped with Magal's intrusion detection system | Masha - West Bank | July 2013 | Photographed by Ahmad Al-Bazz, Activestills

A publicly traded Israeli corporation that develops and supplies perimeter control systems, intrusion detection systems and cyber security.

Magal is a major contractor with the Israeli military and Ministry of Defence (MOD). In 2016, around 8.6% of Magal’s total revenues were generated through contracts with the Israeli military and MOD. In February 2017, Magal received an order worth $8.5 million from the Israeli MOD for the supply, integration and support of new innovative border and perimeter protection solutions. The Israeli MOD is the first to adopt these technologies.

Magal was awarded $15 million for the construction of 170km of the 708km long Apartheid Wall in the occupied West Bank. In addition, the company was awarded $10.3 million by the Israeli Ministry of Defence for the installation of its electrical deterrence fence as part of the Wall. Magal equipment was documented in a gate in the Apartheid Wall in the West Bank Palestinian village of Masha.

The company also built an electrical detector fence in the occupied Syrian Golan and supplied perimeter intrusion detection system for the barrier surrounding the besieged Gaza Strip.

In 2016, Magal was awarded a contract by the Israeli Interior Ministry for the installation and maintenance of electrical fences at all Israeli incarceration facilities, maintaining its position as the primary supplier. 

The company supplies security systems to numerous settlements, including Itamar, Karnei Shomron and Oranit.