M.G.A. Energy Solutions מ.ג.א. פתרונות אנרגיה בע"מ

Ben Gurion 20, Beit Shean 1176913, Israel Tel: +97246060613

Installs and establishes electricity power stations.

The company provided its services as an engineering and constructor at the Shadmot Mehola solar field. Shadmot Mehola is an Israeli settlement in northern part of the occupied Jordan Valley. The project started on April 2015, using 10 dunams of Palestinian land and generating 5 MW a year.

The company also provided its engineering and construction services at the Petza’el solar field. Petza’el is an Israeli settlement in the center of the occupied Jordan Valley in the West Bank. The project generates 630kW of electricity a year.


The company is owned by Eli Menachem Holdings and Gil Menachem Holdings.

CEO: Gil Ovnish.

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