Koralek Almog Sifting Machines and Production Systems
קורלק אלמוג מכונות ניפוי ומערכות ייצור

Hachalamish 19 POB 22 Barkan I.Z. 44820 Tel: 972-3-9365265website: www.koralek-almog.com

Manufactures machinery for agricultural use and for food factories. The company is located in the Barkan Industrial Zone, an illegal Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank.

The company provides services to a yeshiva in Hebron and to Yeshivat Ha’golan in the Golan Heights.


CEO and owner: Asher Korlak
Other owners: Zehava and Benyamin Friedman, Brand Tzabimi


Customers of the company in the food industry include Osem, Elit, Strauss, Ma’adanot, Angel Bakeries, Berman, Achva – Achdut, Amber, Maya Foods, Ma’afe Neeman, Norkate (the ISS group) and Eden Tehina.
Other costumers include: Elal, the Israeli Knesset, the Israeli ministry of defense, Rafael.
The company also services hotels, including Hilton, Sheraton and Holiday In.
The company operates a seeds cleaning factory in west Africa and a kosher bakery in Brooklyn, NY.

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