Jerusalem Wineries – Agricultural Cooperative Association
יקבי ירושלים – אגודה חקלאית שיתופית

Head office: 3 Totseret St., Atarot IZ, Jerusalem, Occupied Palestinian Territory Tel.: +972-2-5836875

An Israeli winery based in the Atarot settlement industrial zone in the occupied Palestinian territory. The wines are marketed under the brand name Jerusalem Vineyard Winery.

The winery is based in a settlement industrial zone in northern occupied East Jerusalem. The winery sources from vineyards located in the occupied West Bank, specifically near the settlements of Shiloh and Har Bracha.

In 2016, the winery received a grant of 15,363,000 NIS from the Investment Authority of the Israeli Ministry of Economy to expand its winery in Atarot I.Z. The investment will involve the creation of 10 new jobs in the settlement industrial zone.