JA Solar Holdings

Building NO.8, Noble Center, Automobile Museum, East Road Fengtai District, Beijing, China 100160 Tel: +86 -10- 63611888 www.jasolar.com

JA solar Holdings is a Chinese corporation that designs, develops, manufactures and sells solar power products for residential, commercial and utility-scale power plants. The company is publicly traded on the NASDAQ stock market.

The company has a total of 9 factories: 7 factories in China and 2 in Vietnam and Malaysia.

The company provided Siemens Israel with 122,936 solar panels for five projects, three in the Arava Desert and two in the Naqab. The five projects are owned by the Arava Power Company whilst Siemens is providing engineering, procurement and construction services.

As part of this transaction JA Solar Holdings’ JAP310 panels were installed in the Meytarim Solar field in the occupied Jordan Valley. The project is located in Meytarim Industrial Zone in the occupied West Bank and it has been erected by its co-owners: Energix and The Southern Mount Hebron Development Company. The latter is active in the occupied West Bank and based in Meytarim Indsutrial Zone.

According to the company, Meytarim project is expected to be “the most efficient out of all its projects”. While the annual operating cost of the Meytarim solar field is NIS 300,000, the revenues from selling the electricity to the IEC reached NIS 4.4 million in 2016.


Top five institutional holdings (6.54%): Numeric Investors LLc, Morgan Stanley, Guggenheim Capital LLc, Renaissance Technologies LLc.

Other shareholders: All directors and Officers as a Group (17.35%), Jinglong Group Co., Ltd. (16.35%).

CEO: Boafang Jin


Subsidiaries: The company has tens of directly owned subsidiaries mainly in China. Its global subsidiaries include: JA Development Co., Ltd. (British Virgin Islands), JA Solar Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia), JA Solar Vietnam Company Limited (Vietnam), JA Solar USA Inc. (U.S.).



Partners: Shanghai branch of China Development Bank (“CDB”), Soventix GmbH

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