Hishtilחישתיל בע"מ

Head office: 22 Yarden st. Moshav Nehalim, 4995000, Israel | Tel.: +972-3-937-3111 www.hishtil.com

A global nursery corporation that specializes in the production and sales of vegetables, herbs, seedlings, flowers and young plants.

The company owns 60% of the Desert Edge Nursery Ltd., a plant nursery located in the settlement of Sussia in the southern Hebron Hills in the occupied West Bank (formerly named “Hishtil Sussia Mountain Nursery”).

In April 2022, Who Profits team documented company signs in a packing house in Mehola settlement in the occupied Jordan Valley.

In 2013, company signs were documented in aubergine greenhouses in Mehola and Almog settlements in the occupied Jordan Valley.


Hishtil Dagan Nursery Ltd. (42%), Y. Dagan Trust Ltd. (33.51%), D. Magal Holdings Ltd. (14.8%), Zaks Trustees Ltd. (3.85%), Wilner Trustees Ltd. (3.78%).

CEO: Amit Dagan.


Desert Edge Nursery Ltd. (60%).

Other subsidiaries include: Hishtil Gelpi Spain S.L. (Joint Venture),  Hishtil Toros (Joint Venture), Hishtil South Africa – HAS, Adria Hishtil (Joint Venture), Centro Seia (Joint Venture), TRI Hishtil (Joint Venture), Hishtil Mexico (Joint venture).


Europe: Hermina Maier GmbH, Solgrow, Graines Voltz, HeMa Handelsvertretung GmbH & CO KG, Aromapflanzen, Graines Voltz, Sahin Nurseries Ltd., Plantana S.R.O, Gasa Youngplants, Gasa Group, SeedCom, Koroisten Puutarha Oy, Podere Luen, A.S. Blomsteringen Engros, Plantpol Zaborze, Tsvetochnye Kultury OOO, SEEDSTAR spol. s r.o., Hörnhems AB, Wyss, VRTKO d.o.o..

USA & Canada: Ball Horticultural Company, BFG Supply, Eason Horticul Resources, Inc., Express Seed, Foremostco Inc., Gloeckner & Co., Griffin, Grimes Horticulture, McHutchison, Henry F.Michell’s, M&M Plant Sales Inc., Vaughan’s Horticulture, JVK, Nicolas Zyromski.

Japan: Kaneya Co.

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