HBI Haerter AG

Head Office: Stockerstrasse 12, 8002 Zurich, SWITZERLAND Tel: +41 44 289 39 00 www.hbi.ch

A Swiss firm of consulting engineers.

During 2006, HBI Haerter AG provided consulting and planning services to the Israeli company Amy Metom concerning the tunnels’ ventilation in the A1 railway line from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. These tunnels cross the Green Line in two areas, and passes through privately owned Palestinian land.



The company is owned by its employees. HBI originates from SHB Schindler Haerter Ltd. founded in 1963. The company is managed by: Run Brandt, Christoph Rudin, Peter Reinke, Matthias Wehner.


The company fully owns HBI Haerter GmbH and HBI Haerter Pty Ltd.


Company clients include: California High-Speed Rail Authority and Amy Metom

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