Hanson Israel (formerly: Pioneer Concrete Israel)
(הנסון ישראל (לשעבר: פיוניר קונקריט ישראל

Head Office: 5 Jabotinsky St. Ramat Gan 52520, POB 21137, Ramat Gan 61211, Israel Tel: 972-3-5764250 www.hanson-israel.com | Modi'in Illit Plant: Matityahu I.Z, Modi'in Illit Tel: 972-8-9214271 | Atarot Plant: Atarot I.Z. Tel: 972-2-5832270 | Nahal Raba Asphalt: Cross Shomron Highway Tel: 972-3-9071551 | Nahal Raba Quarry: Cross Shomron Highway Tel: 972-3-6228403

The second largest building materials producer in Israel. The company manufactures ready-mix cement, aggregates and asphalt for the local construction industry.

The company owns 26 concrete plants, three aggregate quarries and two asphalt plants. Four of these are located in Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank: concrete plants in Modiin Illit and in Atarot, an asphalt plant and an aggregates quarry south of Elkana.

The quarry exploits the occupied Palestinian natural resources for the Israeli construction industry.

Additionaly, the company supplied construction materials to construction projects in the settlements. Hanson Israel concrete truck was documented delivering concrete to the expansion of the Barkan settlement industrial zone.

Hanson Quarry of HeidelbergCement in the West Bank | Who Profits


A subsidiary of HeidelbergCement.

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