Haifa Chemicals (Haifa Group)חיפה כימיקלים (חיפה גרופ)

Head office: P.O. Box 15011, Matam-Haifa, Israel Tel.: +972-74-7373737 www.haifa-group.com

A private Israeli multinational supplier of specialty fertilizers, including agricultural and industrial grade potassium nitrate.

The company provides fertilizers and consulting services to growers in settlements in the Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank.

The company’s poly-feed fertilizer has been used by grape growers in settler vineyards in the Jordan Valley, including in the settlement of Petza’el.

The company’s January 2014 newsletter featured the Jordan River Herbs company based in Mehola settlement, which developed a fertilizer spreader on wheels using the company’s fertilizer tanks.

The company’s April 2014 newsletter featured a farm in the agricultural settlement of Masua that uses Haifa Chemicals fertilizers in its dates, lemons and grapes cultivation.

In October 2015, a company regional specialist held a meeting in the settlement of Petza’el with growers from agricultural settlements in the Jordan Valley. Growers received agronomic consultation on water and soil testing, fertilizer plans and company products.

On 18 June 2019, company products were documented in the settlement of Mehola and near the settlement of Beit Ha’arava in the Jordan Valley.

The company also provides consulting services to growers in the occupied Syrian Golan.

The company sponsors a unit of special-needs soldiers in the Israeli military.


The company is owned by Trance Resource Inc., an American holding company controlled by the Trump Group, a Florida-based investment firm.

CEO: Motti Levin


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