Hai Dolev Holdings Ltd. חי דולב החזקות בע״מ

Hamanof 8., Rehovot 7638607, Israel Tel: +972-8-9468818, +972-52-5546120 dolev.zapages.co.il

a private Israeli company specialized in planning and carrying out drilling projects. 

In June 2019, the presence of company products was recorded at the construction site of a bypass pipeline in the Palestinian village of Bardala in the Jordan Valley, occupied West Bank. The Bardala bypass pipeline is designed to serve Israeli settlements in the northern Jordan Valley.

The company also took part in a sewage drilling project in the Har Homa settlement in East Jerusalem, and in a drilling project for the “Museum of Toleance” which was built on a Palestinian cemetery in Jerusalem.


The company is privately owned by Yoseph and Haya Dolev.

CEO: Yoseph Dolev


Maya Aqua. Ltd.

Company clients include: the Israeli Ministry of Defense and military, Mekorot, Rafael, Israel Electric Corporation (IEC), Bezeq, Nuova Ghizzoni SPA 

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