Hadiklaim - Israel Date Growers Cooperative
הדקלאים אגודה שיתופית

6 Harutz Street, Tel Aviv 67060, Israel Tel: 972-3-6389555 www.hadiklaim.com

Exporter of organic and non-organic dates. The biggest dates’ exporter in Israel.

Some of the company’s dates originate from the occupied Jordan Valley and Dead Sea area. Dates from the Megilot Dead Sea Regional Council – a regional council of settlements in the northern Dead Sea area – are exported solely by Hadiklaim. This regional council includes the settlements of Almog, Beit Ha’arava, Mitzpe Shalem, Kalia and Vered Yeriho. As of 2010, the company also exported dates from the settlements of Patza’el, Messua, Mehola in the Jordan Valley and from the Golan Heights.

As of 2011, some of the organic dates exported by Hadiklaim to various countries in Europe were grown by Zorganika in the Hamra settlement and the Zarzir enclave.

Hadiklaim works with packing houses in Israel and the occupied territories, among them the packing houses in the Tomer, Gilgal and Yafit settlements in the Jordan Valley and in the Beit Ha’arava settlement in the Dead Sea area.

The company markets dates under the brand names of Jordan River, Jordan River Bio-Top and King Solomon, and under private labels of supermarket chains.


A cooperative of Israeli date growers from the occupied Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea area, the Beit She’an Valley and the southern Arava.


The company has been the exclusive distributer of dates for Marks and Spencers, Tesco and Migros.

The company’s dates are sold in leading European chain stores, such as Marks & Spencers, Tesco and Waitrose in the UK, Migros and Coop in Switzerland and Albert Heijn in the Netherlands.
In Israel they market to Shufersal, Mega, Rami Levy, Eden Teva Market and others.

Hadiklaim’s main marine transporter is Zim Integrated Shipping Services; other marine transporters are Marsk and SeaGo of the Marsk Group. Hadiklaim’s aerial transportation is carried out by El-Al, C.A.L. and British Airways. On land, the company works with the land moving companies Jordan Valley, Tavor Shean Harod, Eastern lines and Amichai Kanyon Moving.

Hadiklaim’s marketing is handled by Almog Tradex.

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