Group4securicor | Ofer Prison | Dec 2010 | Photographed by Who Profits

An international corporation that provides private security services.

Through its Israeli subsidiary, G4S Israel (Hashmira), the company has provided equipment for Israeli-run checkpoints and terminals in the West Bank and Gaza, including luggage scanning machines and full body scanners.

G4S provided security system for prisons for Palestinian political prisoners in Israel and in the West Bank, including the Ktziot, Megido and Damon Prisons in Israel and the Ofer prison in the West Bank. G4S Israel clearly indicates in its website that it provides services and security systems to prisons which hold "security prisoners", that is Palestinian political prisoners. Read more about Palestinian political prisoners in the website of ADDAMEER, Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association. 

The company also provided security systems for the Kishon ("Al-Jalameh") and Jerusalem ("Russian Compound") detention and interrogation facilities. Human rights organizations have collected evidence showing that Palestinian prisoners are regularly subjected to torture in these facilities.

G4S Israel provides security systems to the Israeli armored corps base of Nachshonim, which was donated by the US army in accordance with the Wye River Memorandum. The company operates security patrol units, which, as the company states, are manned by "worriers who graduated elite combat units in the Israeli army".

In addition, G4S Israel provided equipment to the West Bank Israeli Police headquarters, located in the highly contested E-1area next to the Ma'ale Adumim settlement.

The company provides security services to various businesses in Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

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