Greenkote Plc (Summet Hitech Coatings)(גרינקוט (סאמט הייטק ציפויים

Head office: 6435 Eastland Road, Brook Park, Ohio 44142, United States | Greenkote Israel: Haodem 6, Barkan I.Z. 44820 Tel: 972-3-9368210 |

Produces advanced metal, alloy and plastics coatings for the automotive, construction, defense weaponry and other industries.

The company owns a plant and a main R&D center in the Barkan Industrial Zone, an Israeli illegal settlement in the occupied West Bank. The factory is operated by its subsidiary – Greenkote Israel.

Greenkote has factories in the UK and Germany. The company has three branches in the US and one in Mexico.

The company provides products and services to the Israeli army.


Executive Director and Chairman: George Dorkhom

CEO’s of Greenkote Israel: Arie Laor, Itzhak Rosenthal and Robert Hayim


Greenkote Plc was traded in 2005-2007 in London ofex.
Greenkote IPC (USA) was formed after the purchase of Industrial Powder Coatings.
The British Tension Control Bolts Ltd. is a business partner of Greenkote.
The company clients include Audi, Bosch, Daimler AG, Ford Motor, GE, General Motors, Hop, Iscar, Motorola, Volkswagen and Whirlpool.

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