Golan Heights Winery company | Golan Heights | Nov 2008 | Photographed by Who ProfitsGolan Heights Wine | Mar 2011 |  Photographed by Who Profits

The winery produces, markets and exports wines from its own vineyards.

Company headquarters and most of the its vineyards are located in the occupied Golan Heights.

Through the French company, Entav-Inra, Golan wineries functions as a nursery of grapevines for itself and for other Israeli wineries. 

The wines of the Golan Heights Winery are labeled as "Made in Israel". In 2006 consumers complained to Systembolaget, Sweden’s state-owned monopoly alcohol retailer, that this label was misleading, since the Golan Heights are occupied territory. Systembolaget then changed their label to ‘Made in Israeli-occupied Syrian territories’. After harsh responses from Israeli officials, the wine was relabeled, and currently its sold in Sweden without an indication of origin and under the label of ‘another origin’ (övrigt ursprung).