First International Bank of Israelהבנק הבינלאומי הראשון

9 Ehad Ha'am St. POB 29036, Tel Aviv 65251 Tel: 972-3-5196223

A major Israeli commercial bank.

The first international bank of Israel (FIBI) is accompanying a 90 housing units project of the publicly traded Minrav Group in northwest of the settlement of Modi’in Illit.

The First International Bank of Israel is accompanying an infrastructure project of the Israeli company Shapir Civil and Marine Engineering, which was hired by the Moriah Jerusalem Development Company to build the final stage of Highway 50 (Begin Highway).

Begin Highway, which is over 15 kilometers long, crosses Jerusalem from north to south, connecting the northern settlements of East Jerusalem – through the city center – with Highway 60 (the Tunnels Highway) and the settlement of Gilo in the south of East Jerusalem. The final section financed by FIBI is planned to connect to the Tunnels Highway and Gilo through the neighborhood of Givat Hamatos. Two new sections of the road were opened in 2015 and 2016, and the entire project is due to be completed in 2017.

The bank provides mortgages to homebuyers in Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Through its subsidiary (78%), Bank Otsar HaHayal, the bank provides loans to local authorities of settlements and to Israeli businesses operating in the occupied territory: a loan of NIS 670,000 to Alfei Menashe Local Council provided in September 2014 and a bank gurantee of NIS 100,000 to Kedumim Local Council provided in November 2012.

Otsar Hahayal bank also operates a branch in the settlement of Ariel, in addition to 12 branches in Israeli military camps inside the Green Line.

PAGI bank, a fully owned subsidiary of FIBI, operates two branches in the settlements of Beitar Illit and two branches in the settlement of Modi’in Illit. PAGI bank also operates a branch in the settlement neighborhood of Ramot in East Jerusalem.

The bank’s 51% subsidiary, Masad bank, manages the education funds of Efrat settlement. Masad bank also operates a branch in the French Hill in East Jerusalem.

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The bank is controlled by F.I.B.I Holdings, a public Israeli company controlled by Binohon (38.29%); Instenz 2 (15.66%) – owned by Sing Acquisitions Pte. (Singapour), which is controlled by Helen and Michael Ables from Australia; Dolphin Energies – Australia (15.66%), which is owned by the Liberman family from Australia.

Chair of directors: Irit Izakson
President and CEO: Smadar Barber-Tsadik 


Benleumi Leasing (100%); Bank Otsar Ha-Hayal (78%); Bank Massad (51%); Israel Credit Cards (28.2%); Paz Oil (3.93%).

PAGI bank and UBank merged into FIBI.

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