Field Produceתנובות שדה ומטע

Hamesila 5, Be'er Sheva Industrial Zone, 84249, Israel| Tel: +972-8-6233383

Field Produce is a sorting and marketing company, specializing mainly in the field of peanuts, dates and almonds in Israel and internationally.

The company has a manufacturing site in Yafit settlement, occupied Jordan Valley.

In previous field tours conducted by Who Profits, boxes with a company’s logo were found in sorting houses in the settlements of Na’aran and Tomer, occupied Jordan Valley.

The company is a major Israeli exporter, with 65% of the produce it markets, sold internationally under the brand name Field Produce. The company’s clients include major international supermarket and health food chains, including: the COOP, Migros and Seeberger.


The company’s major shareholder (84%) is the private Israeli company Groundnuts & Cotton Marketing Ltd.


International clients include: COOP (UK)| Migros (Switzerland)| Euro company – Nuts for Healthy Living (Italy)| Importaco (Spain State)| Hot Chilly AB (Sweden)| Tovano (Netherlands)| Ventura (Italy)| Seeberger (Germany)| Katjang Bogor (Indonesia)| Delinuts (Netherlands).

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