Field Produceתנובות שדה ומטע בע"מ

Head office: 5 Hamesila St., P.O. Box 4545 Be'er Sheva 84144, Israel | Tel.: +972-8-6233383

A private Israeli company specializing in procurement from growers, treatment, processing, sorting, and packing of peanuts, dates, and almonds for overseas and Israeli marketing.

The company is a major Israeli exporter exporting more than 80% of the total peanuts exported from Israel to overseas markets.

More than 80% of the company’s dates are marketed for export under the brand name “Paradise Dates”.

The company operates a packing house for dates in the settlement of Yafit in the occupied Jordan Valley. According to the company’s website, the dates handled in the packing house and marketed by the company are grown in the facility’s proximity.

In 2019 and 2020, the company received a total amount of NIS 150,333 from the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry under the budget line for the “indemnification of exporters from Judea and Samaria [West Bank] and the Golan” through the Israeli Export Institute.

The company’s clients include major international supermarket and health food chains, including: the COOP, Migros and Seeberger.


Groundnuts & Cotton Marketing Ltd. (84%); Marziparo Ltd. (9.6%); Tene Growth Capital 3 P.E.F Limited Partnership (4.88%) which also holds 38.9% of Groundnuts & Cotton Marketing; Tene Growth Capital 3 P.E.F (Parallel) Limited Partnership (1.52%), which also holds 12% of Groundnuts & Cotton Marketing


Field Produce Marketing Ltd. (100%).


EU clients include: Migros (Switzerland’s largest retail company), COOP (Italy), Euro Company (Italy), King Nuts & Raaphorst B.V. (Netherlands), Hot Chilly AB (Sweden), Tovano B.V. (Netherlands), Madi Ventura (Italy), Seeberger Genusswelt (Germany), Rodi Fructus (Switzerland), Delinuts B.V. (Netherlands), Importaco (Spain), Tovano B.V. (Netherlands).

Other clients: Katjang Bogor (Indonesia).

Israeli clients include: Shufersal, Kerem Teva.

Company’s dates for overseas marketing are sold under the brand name Paradise Dates.

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