Evron Systems Ltd. אברון מערכות בע"מ

High-Tech Village, Hebrew University Givat Ram Campus, 39235, Jerusalem, Israel. POB. 91391 Tel: +972-73-7841790 www.evronsystems.co.il

Evron Systems Ltd. provides solutions in the field of low voltage, advanced communication systems, security systems (including CCTV cameras), control and multimedia.

During a field tour to occupied East Jerusalem in June 2018, Who Profits documented the use of Evron Systems Ltd. video cameras as part of the CCTV surveillance facilities in the Old City of Jerusalem.

According to the company, it has developed the Aureus 3D-AI, a face recognition software, which can analyze still and video footage.

The software has an advantage in face recognition due to its ability to use 3D technology, sophisticated algorithms and computer intelligence, according to the company’s website.

The software can analyze video and still images, even those taken from a distance and with low resolution. The Aureus 3D-AI software, also has the ability to do facial recognition, even when the image or video do not provide a full details of an individual. “The software allows face recognition tilting up to 70 degrees from side to side or 25 degrees up and down thanks to the conversion from D2 to D3,” as noted on the company’s website.

According to Evron, the software can undertake “25 million facial comparisons in a second!” without “shedding a swat”.


The company is privately owned by Meron Abraham and Sidis Aharon.

CEO: Sidis Aharon.


Evron is the Israeli representative and distributor for On Net surveillance System Inc. (OnSSI).

Among its clients are the Israeli military, Rami Levi supermarket chain.

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