Enlight Renewable Energyאנלייט אנרגיה מתחדשת

Head office: 13 Amal St., Rosh Ha’ayin 4802449, Israel Tel.: +972-3-9008700 www.enlightenergy.co.il

Global Presence

A publicly traded Israeli company specializing in the development, design, construction, financing and operation of renewable energy projects.

The company has several renewable energy projects in the occupied Syrian Golan in various stages of development. It is also developing a wind energy project in Yatir Forest on the northern edge of the Naqab that crosses the Green Line into the occupied West Bank.

In March 2022, the Emek Habacha wind energy project, located in the Syrian Golan, became operational. The project, in which the company holds a 41% stake, has an installed capacity of 108.8 megawatts and is expected to generate annual revenue of NIS 105-145 million in electricity payments for a license period of 20 years. The 34 wind turbines are supplied by General Electric (GE) in accordance with TSA (Transitional Service Agreement) and FSA (Functional Support Agreement) agreements. Under the TSA agreement, GE will supply, transport, erect and commission the turbines. Under the FSA, GE will operate and maintain the turbines for the license period. The project was built by Minrav and Nextcom under a BOP (Balance of Plant) agreement. Emek Habacha is financed by a consortium led by Hapoalim Bank.

The company is developing the Ruach Beresheet wind energy project, a 189 megawatts project in the southeastern part of the occupied Syrian Golan, in the jurisdiction of the settlements of Avnei Eitan, Kanaf, Yonatan, Mevo Hama, Ramat Magshimim and Alonei Habashan. The settlements have the option of joining as partners with minority holdings. The project, in which the company holds a 60% stake, is expected to generate annual revenue of NIS 140-160 million in electricity payments for a license period of 20 years.

The Ruah Beresheet project is financed by a consortium led by Hapoalim Bank, in partnership with Migdal Insurance and Financial Holdings Ltd in the framework of non-recourse project financing for NIS 1.05 billion out of an estimated NIS 1.25 billion.

The company is advancing the Emek Haruchot project, a third largescale wind energy project in the Syrian Golan, located near Emek Habacha. Emek Haruchot has an expected installed capacity of 70-80 megawatts. In June 2019, the Israeli Electricity Authority (IEA) nullified the project’s conditional license at the request of the company, following an IEA decision from March 2019 that makes it possible to advance projects without a conditional license.

The company is advancing a 42 megawatts wind energy project in Yatir Forest, Israel’s largest planted forest, planted by the Jewish National Fund (JNF) on the northern edge of the Naqab desert. In August 2019, the project plan was approved by the Southern District Planning and Construction Committee. The plan allows the construction of 10 large wind turbines on agricultural lands in the area of Yatir Forest, as well as the establishment of access roads for accessibility, maintenance, and the underground transfer of energy from the facility to the Israel Electric Company (IEC) connection points.

The project, in which the company holds a 50.15% stake, crosses the Green Line into the occupied West Bank and is developed in partnership with the settlements of Beit Yatir, Maon and Carmel, which fall under the jurisdiction of the Mount Hebron settlement regional council. Beit Yatir settlement realized the option to join as a non-controlling partner, an option extended to the settlements of Maon and Carmel as well.

The company holds a 51% stake in Perot Hagolan, a 1.5MW solar project located in the Syrian Golan. It also holds a 74% stake in Enlight-Kidmat Zvi LP.

Additionally, in January 2022, the company was selected to participate in a pilot program launched by the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development to examine the feasibility of the dual use of agricultural land for electricity generation from solar energy. As part of the project, Enlight will develop agro-voltaic facilities in three settlements in the West Bank and the Syrian Golan: it will collaborate with Ben Gurion University to construct agro-voltaic facilities in the settlement of Carmel in the West Bank and with the Shamir Institute, located in the occupied Syrian Golan, and the Migal Galilee Research Institute to construct agro-voltaic facilities in six sites located in the settlements of Ramat Magshimim and Merom Golan in the Syrian Golan.


The company is publicly traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol ENLT.

Major shareholders include: Migdal Insurance and Financial Holdings Ltd (12.03%), Harel Insurance Investments & Financial Services Ltd (8.42%), The Phoenix Holdings LTD (7.94%), Meitav Dash Investments Ltd (6.77%), Altshuler-Shaham Ltd (5.61%), Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings Ltd (5.41%), Menora Mivtachim Holdings Ltd (5.13%), Exellence Investments Ltd. (1.89%).

CEO: Gilad Yavetz

Chairman of the Board: Yair Seroussi


Israeli subsidiaries: Enlight Eshkol Havatselet (100%), Eshkol Havazelet – Halutzyut – Enlight L.P. (89.99%), Tlamim Enlight (100%), Mevtachim Green Energies (100%), Talmi Bilu Green Energies (100%), Eshkol Ela-Kramim-Enlight (100%), Eshkol Brosh-Idan-Enlight (100%), Eshkol Olive-Olive Green-Enlight (100%), Golan Fruits – Enlight L.P. (51%), Eshkol Gefen-Barbur-Enlight L.P. (51%), Sde Nachamia Enlight (100%), Kinetic Energies (68.1%), Emek HaBacha Wind Energies Ltd. (40.85%), Enlight – Eshkol Hadas (100%), Enlight Beit Shikma (100%), Talmei Yafa Sun L.P. (50%), Dorot Sun L.P. (50%), Enlight Cramim L.P. (74%), Orsol Energy 3 (A.A) L.P. (90%), Enlight Kidmat Tzvi L.P. (74%), Enlight – Eshkol Dekel L.P. (50.1%), Enlight – Aveeram Entrepreneurship L.P. (60%), Ruach Beresheet LP (60%),

International subsidiaries: Tullynamoyle Wind Farm 3 Limited (Ireland) (50.1%), Vjetroelektrana Lukovac d.o.o (Croatia) (50.1%), EW-K-Wind d.o.o (Serbia) (50.1%), Megujulohaz kft (Hungary) (50.1%), Raaba Green kft (Hungary) (50.1%), SOWI Kosovo LLC (Kosovo) (48%), Vindpark Malarberget I Norberg AB (Sweden) (68.8%), Enlight Beit Hashita Solar Energy (74%), Enlight EU energies kft (Hungary) (100%), Generacion Eolica Castilla La Mancha Sl (Spain) (72%), Björnberget Vindkraft AB (Sweden) (56.2%), Nardo Solar Energy s.r.l (Italy) (100%), Genzano Solar Energy s.r.l (Italy) (100%), Montemilone Solar Energy s.r.l (Italy) (100%), Gravina 2 San Felice Solar Energy s.r.l, Enlight Energia Renovable ESPAÑA SL (Italy) (100%), Clenera holdings LLC (USA) (90.1%).


Navitas Group, Prime Capital.

Suppliers include: Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, General Electric, Enercon, Vestas, Nordex, GCL, Suntech, JA, Longi, Sungrow, SMA, Solaredge, Kaco.

The company has financing agreements with Leumi Bank, Hapoalim Bank, Harel Insurance Investments & Financial Services Ltd, The Phoenix Holdings LTD, Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings Ltd, Migdal Insurance and Financial Holdings Ltd, Bank of Ireland, Erste Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, PBZ (of Intensa), NLB Group, Euler Hermes (of Allianz Trade), Hamburg Commercial Bank, Banco de Sabadell, Bankia, KfW IPEX Bank, DekaBank, Swedish Export Credit Corporation.

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