Enerpoint Israelאינרפוינט ישראל

Head office: 21 Hamlacha St., Rosh Ha’yin 48091, Israel Tel.: +972-722506205 www.enerpoint.co.il

The company installs and supplies photo-voltaic panels for solar energy production. In February 2011, the Italian-incorporated Enerpoint completed the acquisition of the Israeli company Friendly Energy and established its Israeli subsidiary, Enerpoint Israel.

In 2017, the relationship between Enerpoint and Enerpoint Israel changed. While keeping the name, Enerpoint Israel is no longer a subsidiary of Enerpoint.

Together with the Israeli company Green Is Us, Enerpoint Israel invested more than 6 million USD in the commercial solar field Netiv Hagdud, in the Jordan Valley of the occupied West Bank.

Enerpoint Israel is also Israel’s biggest distributor of SunTech solar panels used in the Sde Bok and Hatzerim solar fields in the Naqab (Negev) region. Sde Boker and Hatzerim fields generate 5 MW and 6 MW in electricity capacity (respectively), developed by a 20 million USD joint partnership between SunTech and Shikun & Binui.


Privately owned by Enerpoint S.P.A and Avi Mann.


Suntech, Green is Us

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