Energix Groupקבוצת אנרג'יקס

Head office: Atrium Building, 2 Jabotinsky St., Ramat Gan 5250501, Israel Tel.: +972-3-5668855 www.energix-group.com

One of Israel’s leading Renewable Energy companies, currently active in the field of Solar (PV) and Wind Energies. The company constructs and owns long term renewable energy projects. Electricity generated from these projects is subsequently sold to the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC).

Among its solar projects is the new Meitarim solar field located in the occupied West Bank, operating since 2015. The Meitarim solar field is co-owned by Energix (51.1%) and the Southern Mount Hebron Development Company. The latter is active in the occupied West Bank and based in Meitarim Industrial Zone.

According to the company, Meitarim project is expected to be ‘the most efficient out of all its projects’. While the annual operating cost of the Meitarim solar field is NIS 300,000, the revenues from selling the electricity to the IEC reached NIS 4.4 million in 2016.

Energix also owns Israel’s biggest solar energy project, located in Ramat Hovav (Neot Hovav) Industrial Zone in the Naqab (Negev). Ramat Hovav solar commercial field has been operational since December 2014, producing 37.5 MW of electricity.

Furthermore, in 2015, the company signed a contract establishing a designated company for the ownership of a massive turbine field, located in the occupied Syrian Golan, to generate electricity from wind energy. The Golan wind farm generates 155 MW of electricity, and the annual expected income rests at NIS 150-160 million.

In 2017, the company is predicting it will generate USD 38.09 million from the sale of electricity alone.


Energix Renewable Energies is a public Israeli company traded on the Tel Aviv stock exchange under the ticker symbol SKBN: ENRG.

The company is controlled by Alony-Hetz Properties and Investments Ltd.

CEO: Asa Levinger


In March 2015, the Company completed the acquisition (100%) of a special project company (a Polish company) that has constructed a project for the production of electricity from wind energy with a capacity of up to 192MWp in North West Poland.


The Southern Mount Hebron Development Company

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