Head office: 2 Jabotinsky St., Amot Atrium Building, Ramat Gan 5250501, Israel Tel: +972-3-7535666 www.electra.co.il

A publicly traded Israeli company active in the fields of real estate, infrastructure development, facility management, and electro-mechanical infrastructure.

In August 2020, Electra Infrastructure, a partially owned subsidiary of Electra (51%), won a 470 million NIS tender published by Moriah Jerusalem Development Corporation to build the major road infrastructure works and tunnels in the French Hill in occupied East Jerusalem. The project involves the construction of four tunnels extending for 3.5 kilometers, which will enable the free flow of traffic between Ramot settlement neighborhood to Pisgat Ze’ev settlement neighborhood and Ma’ale Adumim settlement.

The company is also involved in a major waste management project developed by Hagihon Company, the Jerusalem Municipality’s water and sewage corporation. The project will carry wastewater from parts of East Jerusalem and the West Bank to the Og purification plant in the Jordan Valley. The treated wastewater will be used for irrigation in agricultural settlements in the Jordan Valley. A sign listing Electra Infrastructure as the executing company for the waste collection line in the Kidron Basin was documented in the Horkanya Valley in the West Bank in March 2020.

Electra Infrastructure was contracted by Israel Railways to build tunnel 3A in section D of the Tel Aviv- Jerusalem Fast Train (A1). The A1 train route crosses the Green Line into the occupied West Bank in two areas, using occupied Palestinian land, some of it privately owned, for an Israeli transportation project aimed exclusively for Israelis.

In February 2015, Electra and Electra Infrastructure won a tender for the construction and maintenance of the track and electronic systems of the A1 train. Both companies won this 160 million EUR tender as part of the Electra Bögl Group international consortium, together with the German company Max Bögl Stiftung & Co. and Swiss company Signon Schweiz. The project includes laying 46 kilometers of track, setting up electromechanical systems that support railway operation, management and integration. The maintenance services included in the contract will be provided by the consortium for a period of 10 years.

Electra Infrastructure also built vehicle tunnels near in a road next to the settlement of Nili.

Ben Hasharon, a now inactive partial subsidiary of the company (80%), has executed the planning and physical development of the expansion of the southern section of the Barkan settlement industrial zone for the Samaria Development Co. Ben Hasharon erected infrastructure, paved roads and conducted large-scale quarrying in the Barkan stone quarry.

Electra Construction, a fully owned subsidiary of Electra, built 141 housing units in the settlement neighborhood of Har Homa (Homat Shmuel) in occupied East Jerusalem. Its main construction projects in Har Homa are Garden Har Homa and Har Homa Lichtenstein, two projects that consists of 69 housing units taking over 19,000 square meters of Palestinian land. The company also built a 52 housing unit is the settlement of Ma’ale Adumim, taking over 7,500 square meters of Palestinian land.

Since 2008, Electra Technologies, another fully owned subsidiary, has securitized water facilities for the Mateh Binyamin settlement regional council in the West Bank. The 3 million NIS project includes fences, electronic security, CCTV, MARCH digital recording system and RISCO intrusion detection systems and command and control center.

In 2019, FK Electra (formerly FK Generators and Equipment) was contracted to provide maintenance services for generators in Ariel University in Ariel settlement in the West Bank.

In 2008, the company supplied generators for the Irtah checkpoint (Sha’ar Ephraim) in the occupied West Bank. It also supplied generators to the Israeli army during Israel’s 2014 military assault on Gaza.

The company also supplied and maintained generators to a waste treatment plant near the settlement of Katzrin in the occupied Syrian Golan.

In 2017, Electra Elevators, a fully owned subsidiary, won a tender to supply and maintain elevators for Ariel University.

Through another fully owned subsidiary, Ariel Properties, the company managed a shopping center in Ramot, a settlement neighborhood in East Jerusalem.

Electra Projects (formerly Electra Katzenstein), a company subsidiary liquidated due to a merger, operated a 4,780 square meters factory in the Barkan settlement industrial zone in the occupied West Bank. The company was also chosen to install switchboards in the A1 train.

Electra and several of its subsidiaries provide services to Israel Prison Service and to the Israeli Population and Immigration Authority. Electra Y.B., a fully owned subsidiary of Electra, is contracted by the Israeli Prisons Service (the IPS) to execute a biometric project, including maintenance, from 2016 to 2019 for NIS 1.24 million.

Electra Consumer Products, a subsidiary of Electra’s parent company Elco, installed air conditioners in public buildings in the settlements of Modi’in Illit, Ma’ale Adumim and Givat Ze’ev in the West Bank.

Together with Minrav Group, Electra is building the Israeli military’s training campus (Bahad City) in the Naqab (Negev) region in the framework of the BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) project.


The company is controlled by Elco Ltd (TASE: ELCO), which holds 48.48% of the company’s shares. Elco is controlled by Daniel and Michael Salkind through their holdings in G Salkind.

Other shareholders include: Migdal Insurance and Financial Holdings (10.81%), Clal Insurance Entreprises Holdings (9.26%) and Itamar Deutscher (0.23%)

The company is publicly traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange under the ticker Symbol ELTR.

CEO: Itamar Deutscher

Chairman: Michael Salkind


Wholly owned subsidiaries: Electra Construction, Electra Elco C&S, C.E. Tech Systems (2015), Kedar Air Conditioning Systems (1989), Electra Elevators, Electra FM Integrated Facilities Management, Ariel Properties, Electra Danko, Electra Smart Technologies, Electra Investments, Electra Concessions, Electra USA Inc., Electech Holdings BV

Partially owned subsidiaries: Electra Infrastructure (51%), F.K. Electra (51%), Electra TAAMAL – Agricultural Cooperative Society (75%), Electra Parking Solutions (88%), Electra Next Energy Geothermal Systems (61%), P.S.P. Investments (25.5%), Mabat LaNegev (14.3%)


Clients include Siemens, Alstom, Tesla, Amazon, IBM, Facebook, Israeli Ministry of Defense and Israel Prison Service

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