Signs of Hofrey Hasharon and its subsidiary Linom | A1 Train construction site near Beit Iksa | Jan 2013 | Photographed by Dror Etkes

An Israeli private construction firm, part of the Covenant Group.

The company has developed and built infrastructure, housing projects and roads in several West Bank locations.

It was contracted to build tunnel 3A in section D of the fast Tel Aviv- Jerusalem railroad (A1), through occupied Palestinian land. The extracted material, some of it exploited Palestinian resources, would be probably trasferred to Ma'ale Edomim settlement.

Ben Hasharon, a subsidiary (90%) of the company, has done the planning and physical development of the expansion of the Barkan industrial zone southern section, 300 dunams that include approximately 135 dunams net of industrial plots, for the Samaria Development Co., including infrastructure and roads and large-scale quarrying in the Barkan stone Quarry. The quarrying of Palestinian non-renewable natural resources for Israeli needs is another form of illegal exploitation.