An Israel-based international "defense electronics company", which operates in the areas of aerospace, land and naval systems, command, control, communications, computers, intelligence and surveillance. 

The company remains one of the main providers of the electronic detection fence system to the Separation Wall project in the West Bank. The company's products are heavily relied upon by the Israeli Army in almost every military operation launched at the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli Army utilized Elbit's UAV (Skylark) in the West Bank for the military campaign of house arrests in June 2014 titled “Brothers come home”. In the monthes of June and July of 2014, Elbit's Unmanned Aerial Vehicles were used in multiple military nightly actions in the West Bank, through which many Palestinian civilians were arrested. Elbit's 7.5 Skylark mini-UAV, operational in the Israeli Army since 2008, was used in massive quantities for support of ground military actions in Assult on Gaza (operation Protective Edge). In that assult Elbit's lethal drone Hermes 900, assembled jointly with L-3 Communication in a 120 million dollar venture, was also used excessively. 

In the month of July 2014 alone, during the peak of the assault on the Gaza, Elbit’s profits increased by 6.1%, the highest level of increase since 2010. According to economic analysts, Elbit's Haifa-based company is expected to see increasing demand for its products from both the Israeli and foreign governments.