Egged Israel Transport Cooperative Society
אגד אגודה שתופית לתחבורה בישראל

Head office: 4 Hayarden St., Lod Airport 70100, Israel Tel.: +972-3-9142000

The largest public transportation operator in Israel, providing 55% of the State’s public transport services.

Egged operates special bus lines and public transportation to almost all settlements, including remote outposts. The company owns a fleet of 45 armored buses, specifically designed and manufactured by Merkavim, which serves the settlements in the regional councils of Shomron, Gush Etzion, Mateh Binyaimn and Har Hebron.

Additionally, Egged Tours and Recreation – a subsidiary of the Egged Cooperative, provides tours and travel packages to East Jerusalem and to Bethlehem and Jericho in the occupied Palestinian territory. Recently additional tours were added in Silwan titled “Tours to City of David” and to the occupied Syrian Golan.

In 2014, Egged purchased 152 buses that underwent European vehicle assessments [Euro 6 standard  of emissions]. These new buses include the following manufacturers: 97 Mercedes OC500 intercity buses, 15 Man NG363  buses, and 40 Scania buses.

In July 2014,  Egged launched six new lines commuting in and to Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Two of the new lines are operating from Neveh Daniel settlement to the Beit Shemesh train station and Kibbutz Kfar Etzion, respectively, while a third is running from Jerusalem via Elad to the settlement of Nokdim in Gush Etzion. In addition, Egged has launched two night lines, which run from the settlements of Ofra and Kfar Etzion to Jerusalem. Lastly, a new line is running from Tel Aviv to Modi’in and passes through several settlements in the West Bank en route.

In November 2014, 27 Palestinian bus drivers at Egged quit their jobs and dozens more went on strike for fear of being attacked by Israeli settlers as tensions have increased in Jerusalem in recent months. This act came after driver Yusuf Hassan al-Ramouni was found hanged in an Egged bus in Jerusalem. 


A cooperative – owned by its shareholding employees.


Subsidiaries: Egged Holdings, Egged Tours and Recreation, Egged Ta’avura, Egged Heseim, Egged Europe, Mobilis and EBS – Public transportation Holland.


The company has a fleet of over 3,000 buses, their chassis are manufactured by MAN, Mercedes, DAF, Volvo and Scania and the coaches are built and designed by Merkavim, Kish Kirur, Ha’argaz, Hes and Irizar.

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