DJI Phantom UAV during a demonstration in the village of Nabi Saleh | Aug 2014 | Photographed by David Reeb

A Chinese company headquartered in Shenzhen, which produces commercial UAVs. Company UAVs are commonly used in the fields of filmmaking, agriculture, search and rescue, energy infrastructure and surveillance. DJI is most known for its 'Phantom' - an unmanned mini quadrotor helicopter, which has become popular amongst aerial photographers.

DJI's Phantom UAVs were used by the Israeli army and by an Israeli private company for surveillance and crowd control proposes in occupied East Jerusalem and in the West Bank. In July and August 2014, Baldeworx - an Israel company specialized in UAV aerial photography, was contracted by the Muncipality of Jerusalem in order to provide aerial patrols along the route of the Jerusalem light rail. For an entire month 24/7, Baldeworx operated a unit of 6 Phantoms above the Palestinian neighborhoods of Shuafat and Bait Hanina, which transmitted HD video and images to the headquarters of the municipality, the Israeli police and the light train.

In 2014, DJI Phantom quadcopters were used several times by the Israeli army during the oppression of demonstrations in the Palestinian village of Nabi Saleh in the West Bank.  

Company UAVs were also used by the national media response unit of the Israeli police. The videos produced by the unit are used by the Israeli government for pro-Israel propaganda (Hasbara).