Delek Gas Station | Givat Ze'ev settlement | Apr 2009 | Photographed by Who Profits A sign indicating a Delek Gas Station in Gush Eztion Industrial Park | Feb 2009 | Photographed by Who Profits A Delek fuel tank in the settlement of Carmel | Jan. 2012 | Photographed by Ta'ayush.

An Israeli fuel distributor. In July 2013 the company has won a tender for providing refueling services to the Israeli Ministry of Defense and the Israeli army over the course of the next three years. Delek will distribute petrol and diesel fuel via its civilian gas stations across the country and via the distribution of fuel tankers for various military bases.

The company owns and operates a chain of Delek gas stations and Menta convenience stores in West Bank settlements of Alfei Menashe, Ariel and Givat Ze'ev and in the settlement neighborhoods in East Jerusalem: Neve Ya'akov, and the French Hill.

Additionally, the company supplied fuel for construction projects in the settlement of Carmel.