A group of construction and development companies.

The group owns Dekel A.H.R Construction and Investments, a construction company. This company has constructed housing projects in Katzerin, Gamla and Kidmat Tzvi; all are settlements in the Golan Heights. 

Through Brewhouse Golan, the group also owns 50% of the Golan Brewery (together with the Golan Heights Winery). Golan Brewery, which is located in Katzerin, manufactures beer using water from the Salukia Spring in the Golan Heights.

The group owns Galil Power (50%), a green energy company which installed and operates wind turbine in Katzerin.

Additionally, the group holds 35% of GGA Galil Genetic Analysis, a laboratory for genetic testing which is located in Katzerin.

In addition, it holds Kesem Hagolan, a recreational and tourism center in Katzerin.