D.N. Kol Gaderד.נ. כל גדר

Head Office: Barkan IZ 44820 Occupied Palestinian Territory Tel.: +972-3-9192919 www.kolgader.co.il

A private Israeli company specializing in security fences for airports and seaports, defense industries, power stations, nuclear power stations, detention centers and prison facilities.

The company is based in the Barkan I.Z., a settlement industrial zone in the occupied West Bank. The company’s fences have been documented in various settlements and checkpoints in the occupied Palestinian territory: in the Barkan settlement (March 2014), the Masua settlement in the Jordan Valley (January 2013), the Geva Binyamin settlement (September 2012), East Jerusalem (April 2009) and in the Irtah checkpoint by Machsom Watch (November 2008).

Additionally, D.N. Kol Gader Trading Ltd., an associated company of D.N. Kol Gader, is also located in the Barkan I.Z. D.N. Kol Gader Trading received loans from Hapoalim Bank in 2012, 2014 and 2017 in connection with a property in the Barkan I.Z. in accordance with Local Outline Plan 5/1/ת/130. The bank holds the company’s rights to the property as collateral.

The other shareholder in D.N. Kol Gader Trading, EF.A Metal Products, built a 2500m2 in Ariel West IZ in the occupied West Bank. This project was accompanied by Leumi Bank, which holds as collateral all the company’s rights to its Ariel property. The property is built in accordance with Local Outline Plan 6/ת/130, which refers to the land of the Palestinian Village Salfit.


Privately owned and directed by Nimrod Yaniv (50%) and Dudi Lezer (50%).

Dudi Lezer also has a 50% stake in D.N. Kol Gader Trading, an associated company of D.N. Kol Gader. The other 50% is owned by EF.A Metal Products, privately owned by Edna and Efraim Ozer.


Associated company: D.N. Kol Gader Trading Ltd


Company clientele includes Danya Cebus, Mekorot (national water corporation), Israel Railways and Netivei Israel (national transport infrastructure corporation).

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