Compost Orקומפוסט אור

Head office: Masu'a 90690, Occupied Palestinian Territory Tel.: +972-2-5835344 | Mailing Address: B.O.X. 48003, Tel-Aviv 6148001, Israel

A private Israeli company specializing in the planning, creation and management of waste recycling facilities.

Compost Or operates Masu’a compost site next to Masu’a settlement, near the Tovlan landfill in the Jordan Valley. The site collects half of the sewage sludge from some 25 waste purification facilities in Israel. The company also operates a transportation company which collects the sludge from these facilities and delivers them to the Masu’a site in the West Bank. The waste is then turned into agricultural fertilizers. The site is located on a land of 140,000 m2 and is privately owned and managed by Ya’akov Avraham, Daniel Unger and David Reiner, the owners of Compost Or.

Sites of this kind create significant smell pollution. Over the past few years, such sites within the Green Line have been shut down and relocated to occupied Palestinian territory.

In 2015, Compost Or submitted a plan to the Civil Administration in the West Bank to establish a recycling compound in the Jordan Valley, which will include a closed compost facility to treat household organic garbage. The factory will produce gas from the waste, which will be used for the production of green electricity, and produce high quality organic compost for agricultural use in the process, reaping profits for settlers and Israeli companies while degrading and polluting occupied Palestinian land.

In addition, the company is providing specialized compost for tomato crops in the settlement of Na’ama and for grapevines vineyard of Barkan winery in Mevo Horon settlement.

The company participates and organizes agricultural experiments in the occupied Jordan Valley with the Research and Development Center of this occupied area, including research work in a farm in the settlement of Gilgal.

The company purchased Volvo’s heavy loaders for its compost site in Masu’a through Mayer’s Cars and Trucks, the exclusive Israeli representative of the Volvo Group.