An American company based in Jamestown, Pennsylvania, which often manufactures under the brand name Combined Tactical Systems (CTS). CSI develops, manufactures and supplies tactical munitions and crowd-control devices; the company works with United States Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security agencies, as well as with police and military units. According to its website, the company provides support to military forces and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

CSI manufactures a wide range of “less-lethal” munitions, including projectiles, sting-ball and tear gas grenades and flash bangs. The company also manufactures and supplies launching systems (such as its trademarked Penn Arms and Venom), tactical munitions, fuzes and weapon components. 

In addition, CSI provides training products and services – programs that provide technical information and tactical application – to law enforcement units and armed forces. 

CSI is one of the largest suppliers of the tear gas used to suppress uprisings throughout the globe.

The company manufactures and supplies its products to the Israeli army. CSI tear gas canisters and high-velocity projectiles are used by the Israeli army to disperse popular demonstrations in the West Bank. The letters CSI or CTS (a CSI brand name) are marked on many of the tear gas canisters that litter Palestinian villages after protests. 

More information about CSI and other crowd control companies and weapons can be found in Who Profit's report: Proven Effective: Crowd Control Weapons in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.