One of Israel's biggest companies in the field of Renewable Energy. The company specializes in both the development and construction of photovoltaic energy projects.

In all its projects the company engages in all parts of solar panels’ projects. From the early stages of locating site, regulating the project, through the actual construction, grid connection and subsequent maintenance.

Among its projects is Kalia project, a joint project of Clal Sun Ltd and Kibbutz Kalia, an Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank. The project is one of the three most largest commercial fields that have been built on occupied Palestinian land.

The project’s facility was built on 135,000 square meters of Palestinian land, all owned by Kibbutz Kalia. The 10.8 Mega Watts project is connected to the high-voltage power grid. 

Clal industries, the mother company of Clal Sun is one of Israel's largest industrial and trading conglomerates. Through subsidiaries like Nesher, Taavura and Golf & co, the company reaps enormous profits from various sectors of the Israeli occupation's industry.