Nesher cement bags| Har Homa settlement neighborhood, East Jerusalem | Jun 2009 | Photographed by Who Profits

An investment company. One of Israel's largest industrial and trading conglomerates.

Clal Industries' subsidiary -Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises, manufactures and supplies cement and clinker products for the construction industry and holds a monopoly over the Israeli and Palestinian cement markets. Since the company sells more than 85% of all cement in Israel, it is safe to assume that the separation wall, checkpoints, West Bank settlements and Israeli infrastructure in the West Bank were all built using cement purchased from the company.

Products of Nesher were seen in construction sites in West Bank settlements of Alfei Menashe, Kedumim and Ma'ale Adumim and in the Har Homa settlement neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem. Nesher cement bags were also documented during the construction of the Jerusalem light rail, a transportation project that connects the settlement neighborhoods of East Jerusalem with the city center.

Clal also owns Golf&Co, a retail store which operates a branch in the settlement of Pisgat Ze'ev in the occupied East Jerusalem.