Chemonics International

Head office: 1717 H Street NW, Washington DC 20006, USA Tel: +1-202-955-3300


An international for-profit aid and development company.

The company is the prime contractor for a USAID project to improve commercial cargo transport in Israeli checkpoints in the West Bank and Gaza. Under this contract, the company supplied advisory services, technical assistance and procurement of security equipment and technology.

The company provided cargo x-ray scanners for five checkpoints: The Karni and Kerem Shalom checkpoints (located on the border of the Gaza strip) and Sha’ar Efrayim, Tarqumya and Jalameh checkpoints (all located within the West Bank). Chemonics chose AS&E to supply cargo scanners produced by Nuctech and Lesico to perform the related infrastructure works.

The company provided services to the Israeli government advisory in order to improve “operational effectiveness” in the checkpoints.


An employee-owned company.

President and CEO: Susanna Mudge

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