An Israeli manufacturer and developer of specialized military and civilian vehicles. The company manufactures armored vehicles, riot control vehicles, tankers, aircraft refuelers, firefighting trucks and military trailers for tanks transport.

During the second Intifada Carmor (back then Hatehof), Rafael ِAdvanced Defense Systems and the Israeli army, jointly developed the Wolf (Zeev in Hebrew), a 4x4 wheeled armored personal carrier for urban warfare. The Wolf's chassis is based on a Ford F-550 heavy-duty truck. The Wolf has been operational since 2005 and along the years became one of the main vehicles in use of the Israeli army in the occupied Palestinian territory. Wolf vehicles have been used by the Israeli army for military patrols near the settlements of Mitzpe Yair and Karmei Tzur and during house demolitions in Palestinian villages in the Southern Hills of Hebron in the West Bank. 

Carmor holds the exclusive rights to distribute the Wolf globally.

Carmor also manufactures and supplies riot control vehicles to the Israeli police and army. According to the Chief Officer of the Ordnance Corps, the Wolf was used by Israeli army as a basis for the development of a riot control vehicle named the "Shock Vehicle". The Technological Division of the Ground Arm Command had retrofitted the vehicles with tear gas launchers and tested them on the Palestinian population of Nablus in the West Bank.  

Additionally, Carmor has supplied the Israeli army with aircraft refuelers and trailers for tanks transport.

Until 2008, the company has outsourced large metal construction works to Solor Gas Industries, to be performed in Nizanei Shalom industrial zone, which is an Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank.