Carmel Wineriesיקבי כרמל (כרמל מזרחי)

Head office: P.O. Box 2, Zichron Yaakov 30930, Israel Tel.: +972-4-6391788

One of the largest wineries in the Israeli market.

Carmel Winery sources from vineyards located in the occupied Syrian Golan in the production of several of its wines, including Gewürztraminer Shaal, Merlot Shaal and Sauvignon Blanc Northern Golan.

Carmel subsidiary Yatir Winery sources from vineyards in the Hebron Hills region of the occupied West Bank.

In 2011-2015, Carmel and Yatir collaborated with a settlement agricultural R&D institute in the occupied West Bank, in a study of irrigation models. The study took place in a vineyard in the settlement of Carmel in the West Bank that is marketed to Yatir Winery, in an area of 70 dunams.

The R&D Center is comprised of four settlement regional councils: Shomron, Binyamin, Gush Etzion and Mount Hebron.


Carmel Winery is controlled (50.01%) by a private investor group led by the investment fund Kedma Capital. Other investors in the group include the Schottenstein family, which owns the brand American Eagle, British multimillionaire investor Leo Noe, the Jesselson family and Remo Ben Shoshan.

The remaining shares are held by S.C. Vigneronne Rishon Letzion & Zichron Ya’acov (a vine-growers’ cooperative) and the Jewish Agency.

CEO: Nadav Arnas


Yatir Winery


Schloss Westerhaus (Germany) is Yatir’s “Sister Vineyard”

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