CAF- Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles

Head office: C/ José Miguel Iturrioz, 26, 20200 Beasain (Guipúzcoa), Spain Tel: +34 943 88 01 00


A publicly traded Spanish company specializing in the design and implementation of transit systems. CAF provides project and engineering management which includes system design, civil work, signaling, electrification and other electromechanical systems, rolling stock supply and system operation and maintenance.

The company, and its Israeli partner Shapir Engineering & Industry Ltd., have won the tender to build, operate and maintain the Green Line and build the Red Line extension and operate and maintain the entire Red Line of the Jerusalem light rail.

The Jerusalem light rail connects large Israeli settlement blocs in occupied East Jerusalem with the western part of the city, expropriating occupied Palestinian land and promoting increased territorial contiguity for settlements. The Green Line links the settlement of Gilo to the city center and Mt. Scopus.

This project includes the construction of 27 kilometres of new track, 53 new stations and various depots covering the entire stretch of the current Red Line (6.8 kilometres), and the construction of the new Green Line which is 20.6 km long. The contract also includes the design and supply of 114 new Urbos trams for the new Green Line, and the refurbishment of the 46 units which are currently in service on the existing Red Line. The project will also include the supply of the signaling, energy and communication systems, as well as the operation and maintenance of the Red Line and the Green Line for periods of 15 and 25 years respectively, with the possibility of extending the term of operation.